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Why partner with Oakhouse?

Our transparent, objective advisory service model is built around you.
Financial Goals
Addressing the special wants and needs that make your situation unique.
Current Situation
Getting a clear idea of where you and your money are today, right now.
Investment Portfolio
Defining a clear, structured approach that balances risk, return, and reward.
Risk Management
Protecting your assets with appropriate insurance coverage and smart tax planning strategies.
Estate Planning Strategies
Ensuring loved ones are well taken care of and not left with a mess or costly mistakes.
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Navigating the personal side of personal finances

Financial decisions are emotional decisions. Money touches every corner of your life, so let's talk about what's working well and what may need some attention.

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Technology Driven Advice

Talking to a good financial advisor can feel a little like talking to a doctor, a math teacher, and a therapist all in one. Whether you’re going through a major life transition or just dealing with the mild stress of daily financial decision making, we can help make the journey inspired and motivating. Our powerful planning software and technology can help get your financial life into well organized, easy to follow plan of action.


Building the ideal client-advisor dynamic.
Seb Bunster

I’m a big proponent of spending money on experiences – travel, entertainment, food, and fun! We are not guaranteed tomorrow so we try to find the right balance between enjoying our time today while still preparing for the future.
Jim Wallace, III

My mission is to improve the lives of those that I have the pleasure to serve so they are informed and confident in their financial future. Civic and personal interests include having served as Chairman of the Town of Cary Public Art Advisory Board and being an active member of the local US Navy Submarine Veterans Organization.


A refined approach

Over the years, we've learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to building personalized financial plans. Our simple, three step process is designed to see how our perspective and advisory service model aligns with your priorities and needs.
We start with a brief call, virtual meeting, or in-person appointment to understand your situation and priorities. We then share more about our background and what you can expect at every step during our process.
Next, we take a financial inventory to see what you have, where you have it, and why. Through this exercise, we'll identify your strengths and discover any opportunities to shore up gaps.
Now that we know what's important to you and have a good handle on your financial resources, we'll outline a set of recommendations on how to help achieve your desired financial goals and outcomes.

Starting Out (25 - 35)

Getting people headed in the right direction early on can help secure a life time of financial freedom.

Kids at Home (35 - 50)

Balancing key financial priorities like retirement, college planning, insurance, and tax-smart investing.


Pre-Retirement (50 - 65)

Households nearing retirement have critical decisions to make without much runway for costly mistakes.

In Retirement (65+)

Managing changes in income taxes, social security, longevity, market risk, and health care expenses in a way that preserves nest eggs.

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